Wearable wellness technology

Motiv is a start up in San Francisco, building an innovative wearable product with a better way to measure your health, fitness and sleep. A full functional fitness smart ring.  With the belief you shouldn't have to choose between style, functionality and comfort, its truly a 24/7 wearable device. 

I joined Motiv as the first actual employee to the team of 4 founders. Since then, the team has grown to about 30 people. Over the past two years I was in the role for the primary UX and Visual UI Designer.  Due to the scrappiness of the start up lifestyle, that role contributed to the growth and early development of the company,  requiring many different hats to fill other roles as needed.




After researching our competitor market, I spent a great deal of work on concept ideation and use cases based on the technology we were working with, mapping their different values and possibilities, thinking widely and then narrowing down to specific product features. What is possible with the technology being developed?

Early STage: Who are we?

When I first started we had yet to choose a name for ourselves. I brought  a few of our final selections to life with visual mood boards by providing word-mark and color palette examples.  Weeks later, after exploring hundreds of possibilities we narrowed it down.  The team collectively decided Motiv felt the most compelling for our direction, fit our core mission, and allowed for future growth or product expansion.


EARly Stage: UX/UI Exploration

Up until now, much of our UI experience has been very data heavy. Working off the assumption that the main users are buying wearable product is because they want to learn more about themselves by having the ability to dig through their personal data and discovering patterns. The challenge was designing a system and functionality that allowed for that type of exploring through something that felt so heavy. Many different solutions and app iterations were explored.


Mid-Stage: Maybe we are on the wrong path? 

As Motiv evolved, the physical product became a beautiful, precisely crafted and engineered device. Reaching a point where the product and the brand did not seemed aligned. I led in shifting our entire company to become a high end, sophisticated, fashion forward brand, and most importantly, design driven. We began with additional user and market research and developed a brand guideline to help clearly define who we are as a company and who we want to be seen as.


MID-STAGE: Ui, from friendly to sleek. 

How do we join the app experience to become more in-lined with the brand?

Changes to our team led to a continuous effort to iterate on on the mobile experience, often including the redesign of the entire architecture and feature focus. 


Product research: Ring sizing

How do we capture the right ring sizing through a seamless user experience?

Because finding the proper fit is key to the accuracy of the sensors, the sizing expereince is a very important tocuh point for the user. Also the first physical interaction with the brand. 


Currently: UX/Ui, Back to the basics.

Starting from scratch again and getting back to the basics. Revisiting the user testing data and research I uncovered new insights, which led to refocusing the design yet again. This time striping it down to things that really matter with a very easy navigation and architecture. 

How can we simplify the user experience into digestible pieces of information while providing the user with the most simple yet fulfilling experience?

Key Insight Finding: Steps are meaningless, and much of fitness is emotionally charged.

Much of the current direction is breaking things down to what users actually want and not finding in the current wearable market. Users have grown to know steps, but what value do they provide? How are they really effecting our outlook on health? How can that be evolved into something that truly makes an impact on our entire wellbeing?  It's about finding what really matters and emotional motivations of individuals.



After three years of hard work, Motiv has finally launched for the rest of the world to see, Jan 17'. I look forward to seeing how people respond when devices start shipping later this spring. 


PROJECT DATE: May 2014-Aug 2016

TEAM SIZE: 2 Designers

JOB TITLE: Lead Product and Experience Designer


  • UX/UI Design

  • Ideation and Design Thinking

  • Brand Development

  • User Testing

  • Prototyping