Passionately curious. Day dreamer. Adventure seeker.

Life is all about the journey. Keeping your eyes open to your surroundings,  the unexpected surprises, and the people you decide to share it with. 

Originally from upstate New York, I grew up surrounded by nature and inspired by the beauty it provided, where I often find myself returning to recharge. 

After completing my BFA at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California, I have recently relocated to Sydney Australia working as a UX/UI Design Consultant. I believe human connection is a natural necessity to life which bonds us together. Technology should not be a distraction, it should be a tool to strengthen relationships both and internally and externally. I am passionate about enhancing these connections and experiences not only between individuals but within ones self.

When free time exist, you'll likely find me outside on a hike seeking inspiration, devouring delicious food, or soaking up the sun sipping coffee at the local cafe. 

 I don’t bite. Feel free to say hi.