Extending the life of consumer goods by keeping things in use

Yerdle makes it easy for brands to buy back and resell used items by providing technology and logistics to develop white-label resale programs.

Click here for a story on how Yerdle Recommerce is helping brands implement a buy back program.

BAckground Story

I joined Yerdle Recommerce in the fall of 2016 as the first creative to join the team. With a group of 7 individuals, we kicked off an idea in an unexplored territory and brought it to fruition. With years of experience in sustainability, CEO Andy Ruben, had already formed bonds with many well known brands in the industry that were eager to start this adventure with us. We had a vision in place, we had a business model, we had brands partnerships in place. Now, how do we execute it in this uncharted territory?

Brand partnerships

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 8.07.24 AM.png

Patagonia : Worn Wear


*Note: Designs and layouts may have evolved over time but core UX remains intact*

REI : Co-op Used Gear


*Note: Designs and layouts may have evolved over time but core UX remains intact*

Eileen Fisher : Renew


*Note: Designs and layouts may have evolved over time but core UX remains intact*

Not your ordinary e-commerce

Originally joining the team, my focus was working closely with the brands on designing an e-commerce platform that would allow them to bring used goods to an online market place. Seemed like a simple task at hand till we dove deeper in, leaving problems to be solved.

How do we separate the items from the main brand with new items and make it clear that these items are actually used? How do we merchandise used clothes that may highlight their uniqueness or imperfections? How do we build trust with the consumer in purchasing a used item only seen online? With each brand having their own needs.


The role of many hats

  • Brand deep dive discovery and cohesion across parent sites, while nurturing a working relationship close to brand and what their company values.

  • Developing marketing, emails and packaging materials. Thinking about the full user experience end-to-end.

  • Directed and created photography standards that best represented the items and highlighting their conditions.

  • Vastly improved efficiency with warehouse check in flows, item photography, and organization to greatly reduce the amount of time per item’s life span in hands of Yerdle. Less time, more product.

  • Designed back end tools to manage inventory.

PROJECT DATE: Sept 2016-May 2018

TEAM SIZE: Solo Designer

JOB TITLE: Creative Director, Product and Experience Designer 


  • Responsive Web Design

  • Brand Collaboration

  • Marketing & Packaging

  • Photography Standards and Processes

  • Warehouse Flows

  • Logistical Efficiency

COMPANY SITE: www.yerdlerecommerce.com