Our mission was to get people to slow down, and participate in a random act of kindness by leaving a Karmic Wish for a complete stranger. In exchange they receive one of their own.



As an "Urban Hacking" project, we were given the task to go out on one of the busiest streets in San Francisco, Market Street, and interrupt behavior patterns. We had to get people to either stop and interact with each other, or interact with our prototypes.


Week 1

It was all about rough and dirty rapid prototyping. So we started with some side walk chalk and a prompt, "Before I die...".  The next day we tried to get people to tweet or Instagram their "Life Advice".



We enjoyed getting people to think, in a light hearted and positive way. Using a form people were familiar with such as a wishing well, it seemed like a good place to start. We created the structure out of foam core. 


We really liked the idea of exchange. The serendipity between two complete strangers provided a unique experience. There was also something special we found in the hand written notes, so that became important to maintain in our design explorations. Some people wrote in their native language which made it even more special. 

Week 4- Final Concept

From all of our finding and prototypes, we were led to this as our final concept. We found that many people don't pay attention on the streets so we needed a form that was large enough to catch the eyes of the pedestrian. It was also important to us that the craft was beautiful as well.


CLASS: Objects & Space, Behavior Design

PROJECT DATE: Nov-Dec 2014


TEAM: Dorahan Arapgirlioglu & Alex Modugno

KEY ROLE: Rapid Prototyping, Visual Design