Connecting Over Distance

This project was to mimic behaviors of current social media. One main similarity that is important to me, is bridging the distance between loved ones. The concept of this project is that you and your loved one would have to equally care for a plant by nurturing and caring for it. Much like a relationship, plants too need TLC in order to maintain life and flourish. 

As one person cares for his or her plant, the partnering planter would light up and change color based on the care that is provided. This provides feedback that each individual is caring for the "relationship".



Our task was to design an email application with the use of a metaphor. We chose the idea of shifting to quickly find the gems of your relationships in a crowded inbox. 



We started with generating ideas on things we organize, and what we may organize them with. After mapping out the general architecture of most email applications, we started to play with our concept of "sifting" and the how that interaction could be played through out the design. 


CLASS: Objects & Spaces



KEY ROLE: Interaction Design