URBAN Education Pods

The Hub is a project combined with architect, and interior design students, in the task to redesign the library of the future. 



 With the rapidly growing use of technology, public libraries have greatly lost interest and funding. Now that we have the internet in our pockets, the  need to go  find resources and information from text books is less relevant.  With the increase in E-Books usage, there has been less book rentals. 



One of the most important things we noticed is the the library is usually close to the city center. Its a place that brings all kinds of people together regardless if they ever interact with each other. 

After spending so time observing individuals in the San Francisco library, we discovered the  could easily be broken down into four categorizes. Education. Community. Exploration. Sanctuary.



After our a day or so in the library we started to map out how and where people go to find the new break down we created, so we mapped out the connections between them. From there we brainstorms on how we could still get people to come together from different neighborhoods and interact with each other. 


Final Concept


The pods needed to be modular to adapt to the limited space of the city. They can also grow or expand based on the workshop being held and the community attending.  They would easily be constructed by an expert pod team.



The app allow's users locate a Hub pod in their area. They can browse by location or by desired experience and sign up to participate in a local Pod experience. 


CLASS: Spaces

PROJECT DATE: Nov-Dec 2013


TEAM:  Grace Chang, Johnathan Argueta

ROLE: Visual design and ideation