The Nature of Nurture

This project was to mimic behaviors of current social media. One main similarity that is important to me, is bridging the distance between loved ones. The concept of this project is that you and your loved one would have to equally care for a plant by nurturing and caring for it. Much like a relationship, plants too need TLC in order to maintain life and flourish. 

As one person cares for his or her plant, the partnering planter would light up and change color based on the care that is provided. This provides feedback that each individual is caring for the "relationship" regardless of the distance that may separate them.

MATERIALS: Cement, Acrylic, and Arduino control LEDs


Mexican themed mural for Fruitvale, Ca

This semester I am taking a mural class. We have spent some time working with the community closely to create a number of panels that will be hung outside of the local community center. Although fine art such as painting is out of my usual element its been a rather peaceful break in my digital life. I have one other teammate on this project.

We will be celebrating the installation with the community in May.

Our painting was later chosen to be used for all the promotional materials and flyer for the Community Center event. As well as a billboards across Oakland!

Retail space remodel and branding

I originally walked into Floral Ornament for a part time design job. At the time I didn't realize what I was getting into. I saw a struggling shop struggling to make profit in a prime location, and broke all my standards for design and product quality. 

I took the reins and offered to be a business consultant with a complete makeover on every aspect of the company.

Including  a complete remodel; demolition of existing interior structure;  renaming from Floral Ornament to Urban Botanica; designed brand identity and logo;  emplaced bouquet design and product standards; custom packaging and product requirements;  details of user experience; constructed custom shelving, planters, and wall decor with reclaimed wood; advised on business strategy and growth. 

Now, two years later, the fresh look of the space has lured more customers, they've greatly increased their profits, maintained design standards and even opened a second location!

*Before photos and mid way through photos