More than just a show



Submerge ourselves in all areas of the community to discover the bonds that people create to find a sense of commonality. We had the hypothesis that people join the circus community because it's a place of full acceptance and they can be whom ever they desire.  





We started with secondary research and learned how the circus community has greatly evolved over the years. We then completed some intense and amazing interviews and spent a great deal of time in the community, attending shows, taking lessons at the Circus Center, and making new friends. 


Initial Concepts



The concept that we favored was Circus Seekers, a network that connected performs and trade skills or partner to learn new tricks. Our research found that many performers come from different backgrounds and had other valuable things to offer back in to the community, such as graphic design, sewing, etc. 

Although we found the circus was a place of acceptance, it was so much more deeply connected and magical than we ever imagined. Truly a memorable experience. 


CLASS: Design Research

PROJECT DATE: April-May 2013


TEAM: Alex Modungo, André Luiz Dias Leal

KEY ROLE: Design research, Visual Design